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XBM3301 Series is a protection IC for 3 serial-cell lithium-ion / lithium polymer rechargeable batteries and includes high accuracy voltage detection circuits 、 delay circuits and Cell balance circuits。
XBM3301 Series is suitable for protecting 3 serial-cell rechargeable lithium-ion / lithium polymer battery packs from over-charge, over-discharge, over-current ,short-circuiting and cell-unbalance.
 Manufactured with High Voltage Tolerant Process Maximum Rating 28V
 Low supply current
Cell voltage 3.6V, for 3-cell Typ. 15µA(Iq)
Cell voltage 2.0V, for 3-cell Typ. 0.5µA(Isd)
 SSOP16(pitch 0.65mm) Package
 Variety of detector threshold
Over-charge detector threshold-Vcu:3.7V-4.5V step of 0.1V
Overcharge Release Voltage-Vc L =Vcu-0.15V
Over-discharge detector threshold V DL: 2.4V-3.0V step of 0.1V
Over-discharge Release Voltage- V DR = V DL +0.4V
Discharge-current threshold1 0.2V
Short detector threshold 1.5V (Fixed)
Charge-current threshold -0.2V
 Setting of Output delay time
Over-charge detector Output Delay 1.0s
Over-discharge detector Output Delay 100ms
Discharge-current detector Output Delay 9ms
Charge-current detector Output Delay 9ms
Short Circuit detector Output Delay 100µs
 0V Battery Charging Function
 Built-in Cell balance Function
 ESD HBM >4000V
 RoHS Compliant and Lead Pb Free
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3 Cell Lithium-ion or Lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack
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